Note: OpenHBCI is now outdated and no longer maintained. The successor of OpenHBCI is the library family AqBanking/AqHBCI, written by the same authors as the successful OpenHBCI library, released since August 2004. Please go to AqBanking for more information.

The following information refers to the old, unmaintained OpenHBCI library:

Applications using OpenHBCI

AqMoney Command-line homebanking application. Runs stable. Supports all features of OpenHBCI (because this is our primary testing application). For Linux.
GnuCash Personal finance manager (Gnome/Gtk based). The application runs stable, and basic HBCI support is available since version 1.8.0 (February 2003). Supports Balance/Transaction retrieval and online Transfers. For Linux.
KOpenHBCI KDE application for homebanking. Still alpha. Supports the following features of OpenHBCI:
  • setup users/accounts
  • get balance
  • get list of transactions
  • get list of standing orders
  • transfer money from one account to others
  • issue debit notes (German Lastschrift)
For Linux and other Unices using KDE.
GOpenHBCI Gtk--/Gnome application for homebanking. Still alpha. Supports some features of OpenHBCI such as getting the balance/turnover, and transactions. For Linux.

Links concerning OpenHBCI

OpenHBCI project site on SourceForge The project site on SourceForge. Here you can find old releases, a bug tracking system, and so on.
LinuxWiki OpenHBCI Page In the Wiki page, every user can add comments, asks questions and give helpful hints (in German)
Archive of the openHBCI mailing list Archive that contains all postings to the openHCBI mailing list.
LibChipcard Martin's library that allowes an easy use of HBCI-DDV-signature cards (type 0 and type 1)

HBCI specifications

ZKA - Zentraler Kreditausschuss The standard commitee that is responsible for HBCI
HBCI specifications The HCBI specifications (HBCI 2.01, 2.10, 2.20, and HBCI/FinTS 3.0.
You'll also find a more or less up to date list of german banks and the HBCI-version/crypto-technology they support.