Note: OpenHBCI is now outdated and no longer maintained. The successor of OpenHBCI is the library family AqBanking/AqHBCI, written by the same authors as the successful OpenHBCI library, released since August 2004. Please go to AqBanking for more information.

The following information refers to the old, unmaintained OpenHBCI library:

Software Requirements

OpenHBCI requires some libraries to be installed:
  • OpenSSL (0.9.x or better) is used for signing and encrypting the communication with the bank server
  • Optional: libchipcard (0.5.2 or better), only needed if support for chip cards is wanted
  • Optional: An implementation of the CT-API for your chipdrive, usually available from the vendor of your chip drive [FIXME: add some vendors here]. Only needed if support for chipcards is wanted.

Download openHBCI

Either go to the download section on our SourceForge site, or use anonymous CVS to get the current developer version:

cvs login
The password can be left empty.
cvs -z3 co openhbci

Note: The CVS is the bleeding-edge source code used by the development team. Therefore the CVS-version might still contain bugs or might even not compile. We will add a stable branch to CVS as soon as we start to officially release stable versions.

API Documentation

OpenHBCI provides an exhaustive API documentation generated from the source code. This is the definite reference on how OpenHBCI is to be used. Here is an online version of the API documentation. If you downloaded the source code, you can generate the documentation by running 'make srcdoc'.

Plugin for SIZ-RDH-Securityfiles

There is a pre-alpha-version of the SIZ-securityfile-plugin which allows openHBCI to use the securityfiles of other homebanking applications.
The following homebanking applications are supported:
  • StarMoney (v. 3.0)
  • ProfiCash (v. 6)
  • GenoLite (v. 1.81) Note: Only import from GenoLite works, so don't forget to backup your original security file.
  • ...
  • it is very likely that there are many more. Everybody who manages to use the securityfiles of other programs with openHBCI please tell us
Please read the README file provided with the plugin! Download