Note: OpenHBCI is now outdated and no longer maintained. The successor of OpenHBCI is the library family AqBanking/AqHBCI, written by the same authors as the successful OpenHBCI library, released since August 2004. Please go to AqBanking for more information.

The following information refers to the old, unmaintained OpenHBCI library:

October 31, 2003: First Beta of OpenHBCI-TNG Released.

OpenHBCI-TNG is the next generation of OpenHBCI. It concentrates on the HBCI protocol only and is in most parts a rewrite of the old version.

This version uses XML-alike files to describe account jobs ("Geschaeftsvorfaelle") which makes it much easier to add new jobs.

April 10, 2003: This news page is unmaintained

As people probably have noticed, this "News" page is not kept up to date. There have been several releases of OpenHBCI, the latest being OpenHBCI-0.9.9 on March 30, 2003. For further releases, please check the download section on our SourceForge site. Further new announcements will probably rather appear on our LinuxWiki OpenHBCI Page (in German).

December 9, 2002: OpenHBCI-0.9.4 released

This version brings some small bug fixes in saving and restoring of German umlauts. Also, yet more C wrappers are provided. And the MediumRDH now offers methods to reset the sequence counter.

The upcoming GnuCash releases 1.7.6 and higher will depend on this version.

October 18, 2002: OpenHBCI-0.9.2 released

This version 0.9.2 fixes bugs in the communication with Deutsche Bank servers, which now works fine. Note that all releases in the 0.9.x series are still beta and not recommended for usage in a production environment. Nevertheless the development team encourages testers from all over Germany to try the HBCI functionality and provide feedback from as many banks as possible.

October 16 2002 OpenHBCI-0.9.1 released

Another release in the beta series 0.9 has been made public. This one features yet more bugfixes with the handling of strings and values, as well as improvements for banks that give you Customer-IDs and User-IDs which differ from each other (although this case still needs more testing and user feedback). This version is a requirement for the latest GnuCash alpha release 0.7.1 which comes with initial HBCI support. The other Applications (AqMoney, KOpenHBCI, GOpenHBCI) do not immediately require an update at this point in time, but improvements can be seen in every developer community.

Sept 23 2002 OpenHBCI-0.9beta3 released

Bug fix in handling of saved balance values, and several improvements in the C wrappers.

Sept 12 2002 OpenHBCI-0.9beta2 released

This version features improved documentation, bugfixes and a new and much safer way of handling of RDH keyfiles. A converter tool for the mandatory conversion of old keyfiles into the new format is provided.

Aug 27 2002 API change for MediumRDH

Due to some shortcomings in the keyfile medium, the API of the MediumRDH has been changed, see here, but currently the changed API is only in the CVS branch "aq-0_9". aqmoney and the other applications are already adapted. As soon as final testing has been completed sucessfully, the changes will be merged on HEAD and the beta2-release can be made public.

Aug 02 2002 OpenHBCI-0.9beta1 released

First beta release in preparation to the stable release series. API is mostly stabilized but might still undergo minor changes. Download on our SourceForge site.

July 25 2002 API Freeze under way

The API in OpenHBCI has been drastically changed over the last three months. Eventually now things are converging to a stable phase, in which we will focus on testing, bug-fixing and application development. The definite API freeze will be announced shortly.

July 24 2002 aqmoney moved back to own project

In the same course as the API freeze, the close coupling between OpenHBCI and the primary testing application, aqmoney, can be loosened. Therefore from now on aqmoney will be continuing as its own project again, and the aqmoney sources in OpenHBCI's CVS will be removed.

June 05 2002 openHBCI and aqmoney have merged

openHBCI and aqmoney have merged into one project - openHBCI. This merge was performed because both projects were working together very closely and aqmoney offered a more comfortable api for application developers (it was a wrapper around openHBCI hiding the HBCI-internals, doing user-management, exception-handling ...)

May 12 2002 CVS mailing list created

a new mailing list has been created. Subscribe if you want to recieve the CVS-comments

May 08 2002 new developer Christian Stimmig

Christian Stimmig has joined the developer team. He will concentrate on making openHBCI available in GnuCash.