Note: OpenHBCI is now outdated and no longer maintained. The successor of OpenHBCI is the library family AqBanking/AqHBCI, written by the same authors as the successful OpenHBCI library, released since August 2004. Please go to AqBanking for more information.

The following information refers to the old, unmaintained OpenHBCI library:

Mailing Lists

The primary means of asking questions and giving feedback to the developers is through the mailing list

openhbci-general (Mailinglist Archive, Subscribe here).
The main language on this list is German, but English questions can be posted as well. Subscribe to that mailing list if you want to participate in the discussion of the current development, changes, news and plans.

There is another mailing list where the log messages from the CVS repository are sent: openhbci-cvs ( Subscribe).


OpenHBCI was written by Fabian Kaiser, Martin Preuß, and Christian Stimming.