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openhbci Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
HBCI::AbstractTransAbstract base class for transactions and similar business cases in HBCI
HBCI::AccountThe abstract base class for an account in OpenHBCI
HBCI::AccountBalanceStores all values/balances of an Account as sent to us by the Bank
HBCI::APIThis is the central OpenHBCI wrapper class
HBCI::AuthInterface class to provide a method to retrieve a PIN
HBCI::BalanceStores all data belonging to one specific balance
HBCI::BankThe abstract base class for a bank in HBCI
HBCI::bpdJobInternal bank parameter data that describes a HBCI job
HBCI::CustomerRepresents the Customer of a Bank in HBCI (which is a specific role of a User)
HBCI::DateRepresents a date in Openhbci
HBCI::ErrorThis class is thrown when an error occurs
HBCI::HbciThe central user interaction class for all HBCI connections through OpenHBCI
HBCI::instituteMessageA message sent to us by the bank
HBCI::InteractorInterface class to provide methods for every user interaction that is needed by the core OpenHBCI
HBCI::InteractorCBAlternative implementation class for the Interactor interface
HBCI::MediumAbstract base class for any security medium in OpenHBCI
HBCI::MediumPluginThis is the abstract base class for a medium plugin
HBCI::MediumRDHBaseBase class for all RDH based media
HBCI::MessageReferenceFully qualified reference to a specific message that was sent some time earlier
HBCI::OutboxAccountJobAbstract base class for account based OutboxJob in HBCIAPI Abstract base class for account based jobs
HBCI::OutboxJobAbstract base class for all jobs to be used with HBCIAPI
HBCI::OutboxJobChangeKeysThis job allows you to change your cryptographic keys
HBCI::OutboxJobDebitNoteJob that issues a debit note in favor of a Account
HBCI::OutboxJobDeleteStandingOrderJob that deletes an existing standing order
HBCI::OutboxJobDisableKeysJob that locks both, the current crypt and sign key of a user
HBCI::OutboxJobDisableLostKeysJob that locks both, the current crypt and sign key of a user
HBCI::OutboxJobGetAccountsJob that updates the list of Account's for a Customer
HBCI::OutboxJobGetBalanceJob that retrieves the balance of an Account
HBCI::OutboxJobGetKeysJob that gets the server keys
HBCI::OutboxJobGetStandingOrdersJob that retrieves all standing orders for one Account
HBCI::OutboxJobGetStatusReportsJob that retrieves all Transaction's of one Account
HBCI::OutboxJobGetSystemIdJob that gets the system id to synchronize it
HBCI::OutboxJobGetTransactionsJob that retrieves all Transaction's of one Account
HBCI::OutboxJobKeysBase class for key management This job gets the servers keys or send ours. It is a base class for key management
HBCI::OutboxJobNewStandingOrderJob that creates a new standing order for a Account at the bank
HBCI::OutboxJobSendKeysJob that sends the keys of one Customer (FIXME: this should rather be a User) to the server
HBCI::OutboxJobSynchronizeBase class for synchronization jobs. Job that synchronizes with the server
HBCI::OutboxJobTransferJob that initiates a money transfer from a Account This job transfers money from one of our account to somebody else's account
HBCI::PluginThis is the base class for a plugin
HBCI::Pointer< T >A smart pointer template class
HBCI::PointerBaseBase class for the smart pointer template class
HBCI::ProgressMonitorInterface class to show the progress of an action in HBCIAPI
HBCI::ProgressMonitorCBCallback based implementation of ProgressMonitor
HBCI::StandingOrderHolds all the data of a Standing Order in HBCI
HBCI::StatusReportStatus information about one particular message
HBCI::StringSome static methods to manipulate strings
HBCI::TimeRepresents the time of day in HBCI
HBCI::TransactionHolds all the data of a transaction in HBCI
HBCI::UserRepresents a user of a bank in HBCI
HBCI::ValueRepresents a monetary value in HBCI

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