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openhbci File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
abstracttrans.h [code]Abstract base class HBCI::AbstractTrans definition. No C wrappers
account.h [code]Definitions of HBCI::Account and its HBCI_Account C wrapper
api.h [code]Contains the definition of HBCI::API as well as its HBCI_API C wrapper functions
auth.h [code]Definition of HBCI::Auth. No C wrapper
balance.h [code]HBCI::Balance, HBCI::AccountBalance, and their C wrappers HBCI_Balance, HBCI_AccountBalance
bank.h [code]HBCI::Bank, its C wrapper HBCI_Bank. Also HBCI::instituteMessage but no C wrappers
bpdjob.h [code]Definitions of HBCI::bpdJob and HBCI_bpdJob
customer.h [code]Definitions of HBCI::Customer and its HBCI_Customer C wrapper
date.h [code]HBCI::Date, HBCI::Time, and their C wrappers HBCI_Date, HBCI_Time
error.h [code]Definitions of HBCI::Error and its C wrapper HBCI_Error
hbci.h [code]Definition of the central object HBCI::Hbci and its C wrapper HBCI_Hbci
hbcistring.h [code]Helper class HBCI::String with only static methods. No C wrappers
hbcistringlist.h [code]C wrapper for list of strings, list_string
interactor.h [code]HBCI::Interactor and C wrapper HBCI_Interactor
interactorcb.h [code]Callback-using HBCI::InteractorCB, intended to be used from C wrapper HBCI_InteractorCB
limit.h [code]HBCI::Limit and its C wrappers HBCI_Limit
listwrappers.h [code]C wrappers for STL lists, e.g. list_int
medium.h [code]Abstract base class HBCI::Medium and its C wrapper HBCI_Medium
mediumplugin.h [code]
mediumpluginlist.h [code]List of plugins, with C wrappers
mediumrdhbase.h [code]Base class for RDH media HBCI::MediumRDHBase and C wrapper HBCI_MediumRDHBase
openhbci.h [code]Includes all OpenHBCI headers
outboxaccjobs.h [code]Account-related OutboxJobs and their C wrappers
outboxjob.h [code]Abstract base class HBCI::OutboxJob and its C wrapper HBCI_OutboxJob functions
outboxjobkeys.h [code]Key management related Outboxjobs and their C wrappers
outboxjobs.h [code]Miscellaneous OutboxJobs and their C wrappers
outboxstojobs.h [code]Standing Order related Outboxjobs and their C wrappers
plugin.h [code]
pointer.h [code]Smart pointer HBCI::Pointer with helper classes. No C wrappers
progressmonitor.h [code]HBCI::ProgressMonitor and its C wrapper HBCI_ProgressMonitor
progressmonitorcb.h [code]Callback-using HBCI::ProgressMonitorCB, intended to be used from C wrapper HBCI_ProgressMonitorCB
standingorder.h [code]HBCI::StandingOrder and C wrapper HBCI_StandingOrder
statusreport.h [code]MessageReference, StatusReport and their C wrappers
transaction.h [code]HBCI::Transaction and its C wrapper HBCI_Transaction
user.h [code]Definitions of HBCI::User and its HBCI_User C wrapper
value.h [code]HBCI::Value and its C wrapper HBCI_Value

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